Monday, September 27, 2010

Wheeler Farm Fun

A few days ago, my mom and I took E to Wheeler Farm. I just love this place! I love how rural and unexpected it is in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. I love being able to see the animals up close and to study their behaviors and personalities. I love that it has picnic tables under the tall cottonwood trees so that we can have a picnic. I love that it is just a hop, skip and a jump from our house. I love that it is free. 
We like free things. Clearly.

*warning: I took A LOT of pictures that day!*

I spotted these guys crossing the road.  It immediately reminded me of the Abbey Road album cover:

 We always have to check out the tractors of years past.

 Dude. Chill out! Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the hen house? Oh, you weren't allowed to even be with the hens? I understand, now. 

 E was so confused as to why goats and sheep both say "BAAAA"

 Basking in the hot sun. These ladies have the life of luxury here on the farm!

 Mom and E 

 Bumpy rainbow skin. Kind of gross. 

 "He never hit the breaks and he was shifting gears". (5 points to whoever can name that song!)

 Giving him a big squeeze! He is pretty awesome!

  E would get one tiny blade of hay, stick it through the fence and say "Come and get it"! So funny!

I want to come back in December with a mug of hot cocoa and take a Christmas hay ride on this! 

 Sealed with a kiss!

 Oh mom! Close the door - we don't want to see that!

 More angry hen hungry roosters.

 Giddyup! Yeehaw! Rawhide!

 I bought him this $2 tractor that fell apart an hour later. It was fun while it lasted!

 Peek-a-boo! I see you!

He wouldn't come out of the treehouse so I had to crawl in and get him. I've seen a lot of Alfred Hitchcock films - this photo is a bit creepy! 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ryan Bingham Stole my Crazyheart!

Earlier this month, Wes and I had the opportunity to go see this guy in concert!
You may not know who this guy is by photo, so let me just educate you a little here! His name is Ryan Bingham and he just happens to be the stealer of mine and yes, even Wes' heart! He won both a Golden Globe and an Oscar for his song "Weary Kind" from the movie Crazy Heart starring Jeff Bridges (who also won the Oscar for best actor in the movie!). We actually rented the movie via Redbox a couple of months ago and we both thought the movie was excellent and the music was even better! Then, coincidentally, Mr. Bingham came to Deer Valley to perform and the Park City Fire Dept. got a few complimentary tickets. We snagged a few and headed up the mountain!
(oh, if you turn up your speakers, you can hear him serenading me!) 

When we got there, a lot of people had abandoned their place on the grass, blankets and all, and made their way to the front to be next to the stage. We followed suit and were able to get really close to the stage! It was chilly but Wes stood behind me and kept me warm!                           

I love that Wes and I have the same taste in music and we love to do the same things! It makes for a very fun marriage! We had a blast that night and have been listening nonstop to Ryan on our ipod. Yes, we are on a first name basis! 

Giving him, well....his cardboard cutout, a nice big grope hug Amy style!

We also have a tradition of buying a band T Shirt for every show that we go to that blows us away! His shirts just happen to be the coolest in our collection so far! 

P.S. After seeing this photo, I am really liking this new Target bra! 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Celebrating #3

Can you believe that my best little buddy turned 3 this month!? He is getting so big, so funny and so crazy smart! His current interests are anything construction related, music of all kinds, fire trucks, ice cream, swings and the sandbox. He loves his fruit and veggies but still can't chew meat very well. He is not a fan of naps but likes his baths and going to bed at night (thank goodness!). He doesn't like to let us help him with things and wants his independence but likes to cuddle and wrap his arms around our neck or legs and tell us that he loves us....often! Three is a fun age - a tough age - but still fun! He gives us a nervous breakdown every once in while but for the most part, he has been a really good and well behaved kid! 

He has said some hilarious things to us this year and I'm not quite sure where he heard them. I remember he came into our room early one morning this summer while we were still sleeping and came over to my side of the bed. He stood there and looked at me for just a moment and said, "Where the heck have you been? You need to go take a shower!" Then there was another time when he and I were sitting on the couch talking and he said, "Get back to work you slacker!"

Here's to another fun and entertaining year with Emerson!
We decided not to have a party but to just give him his presents and cake at my parents house when we were there for our weekly Sunday dinner.

We made him open the least exciting present first: Clothing. We learned our lesson last year when he opened the most exciting gift first, then refused to open any more after that and cried when we wanted him to!

Daddy opens the John Deer tractor that Emerson received from my parents.

He loved the Imaginext from Colett and her family! 

He was so thrilled with everything he got! He didn't even mind all the clothes! Maybe he has a little of his mommy in him after all! 

The following Monday was his actual birthday so Wes got up at the crack of dawn and went to Harmon's Grocery to pick up 20 balloons. We were going to sneak into his room and tie them to the 4 corners of his bed so that when we woke up he would be surprised. But, the sound of 20 balloons trying to come down a hallway is REALLY loud! It woke him up and we just brought them into his room and sang happy birthday instead! 

When we asked him what he wanted to do for his special day, he told us he wanted to go to the park. So we did! We also went to lunch at Rubios because he loves the chipotle salsa! We then went to Wes' parents house where he got spoiled a little more!
He just can't stand the suspense! What is it!!!???

A box set of Bob the Builder videos - oh my! He is in heaven!

This is what he does every time I tell him to smile! Such a silly kid! He thought his Cookie Monster cupcake was pretty cool too!

Oh...and just in case you were wondering what Wes and I got him for his birthday:

Thanks a million to our family's for helping us celebrate this little guy's existance! You are all wonderful!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Celebrating #7

It is hard to believe that 8.5 years ago I met a great man. A man that I would fall head over heels for and that I would want to spend the rest of my life with. Now after celebrating 7 years of being married, I can still say that I am one lucky gal and that I love this man more with each passing day!

We decided to celebrate by packing several activities into one day! We dropped E off at my parents in the morning and headed up the mountain to Park City. A few months ago, Wes scored the highest on a course test at work and was rewarded by his department with 2 all access passes to the Park City Olympic Park. We thought our anniversary was the perfect opportunity to utilize them! 
Wes is practicing his slalom racing on the virtual alpine course.

I, however, am thinking I missed my calling in life. I can swing into a bobsled in no time! 

It was funny to see the costumes and props that were used for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympics. I remember watching them on TV and thinking how boring it was! Because let's be honest, it was pretty bad! 

The Australian olympic team was in town practicing so we hung out and watched them for awhile. Which didn't really make sense to us because isn't it winter in Australia right now? Anyway, you can see the brave little guy in the middle of the picture just above the trees. 

We were given bracelets to wear that allowed us to get us on all the rides. That's right - we are XTREME! 

I haven't ever seen the runs up close and they are soooo big! This photo doesn't do it justice! I was very awe struck! 

This is what they cover the the runs with. Layers upon layers of long strands of wavy plastic. It's really slick and feels like wire. 

Our passes got us rides on both zip lines (there is a small and a large one) and the alpine slide. This is the top of the small zip line.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Wes is trying to get his body in the most aerodynamic position. 

Next stop: the alpine slide. We were a little confused as to why the worker guy was wearing a beanie in 90 degree weather.

A view from my coaster!

After we left the Olympic park, we headed downtown to enjoy some tasty food from Cedars of Lebanon. It was soooo good! I loved the ambiance more than anything and it was fun to eat off a platter on a coffee table and relax our full bellies on the big silk pillows!

After dinner, we headed to Pioneer Park to hear the sounds of Zooey Deschanel in her band She and Him. I love her and her music! We have been wanting to see them in concert for a long time and it just so happened they were in town on this very night - and it was FREE! 

After elbowing our way through the drunken crowds we were able to get a really good spot to stand and watch about 30 feet from the stage.

Our Kodak moment!

When the concert was over we walked all over downtown. We checked out dark alleys, parking garages and we even climbed this stairway to get a better look at the skyline. Salt Lake is probably the only major city where you can feel safe walking around dark places!

We even decided to show off some of our talents. 

Wes does a little parkour.

Ahhhhh! Good times, Wes! Let's do it again next year, and the year after that, and the year after that.....