Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oh My 4th of July!

The 4th of July is my very favorite holiday! Yes, I love Halloween and Christmas, too, but there is just something special about a summer celebration! We got home from an 8 day road trip on Sunday night (photos to come) and I wondered if I had it in me to keep the party going for one more day. Who am I kidding - of course I did! This year we attended the annual Yarro party in Wallsburg and as always, Ralph and Jackie outdid themselves and were indeed the host and hostess with the mostest! We had such a great time and we always look forward to attending this party every year! 

Ralph had the lake stocked with fish this year, so you know what that means...

that Wes will cease any opportunity to pull out the ol' fly rod! Despite the masses of cotton floating on the top, he was able to catch one! Catch and release only for this guy!

Canoeing on the lake was a favorite activity for many. Emerson included!

I could squeeze his guts out! 

They never fail to include all the kids in on the fun! 

Emerson was in heaven the whole time!

All I can think of when I look at this photo is "Lucky Dad!" Such sass coming from "his girls". 

"My boys" as Wes would say.

Swinging from the rafters is a must!

The party barn where dinner was served followed by a pie contest! BBQ and pie - it was pretty all American! 

I may not look so great in this pic, but I love Wes and Emerson's expressions so we'll use it and pretend I don't look angry in it.

I wanted to take this horse home with me! He got spooked when someone would set off any fireworks. He would run around his pasture in circles and then come back for a little love and a scratch!

We learned something new about E that day. He LOVES to dance and dance all day and night! When I asked him why he didn't ever dance like that at home he said, "We don't have a ball that makes sparkles and lights on the wall". Oh, no wonder.

Check out those pants! Now that is a sure sign that this kid had a great time! Clean kids are boring kids! Also, the humidity was so high yesterday that it made his hair curl up and stand on end! 

I figured out my camera's ISO right as the fireworks were getting set off! They were a little illegal and a lot rad! It was the perfect ending to a perfect day! Looking forward to next year. 

Thank you Yarro family for such a great time! We love you and America!