Monday, June 16, 2008

Divine Daddy's Day

Could we have asked for a better day? I doubt it! I am so thankful for special days because it gives me a chance to let the great people in my life know how much I love them. Wes and my father are the most amazing men I know (you too Shon!) so it gave me great pleasure to help them celebrate this day! Wes unfortunately had to work on Father's Day (he always has to work on holidays) so we went to visit him at the fire station so he could see Emerson and we could give him his present. The wives and children of the other fire fighters were all there as well so it was a big celebration! We all took a ride on the fire engine so that the kids could experience the lights, horn and sirens first hand. It was a lot of fun and Park City is in all it's early summer glory right now so the scenery was amazing!

From the fire station we drove through the canyon to the Yarro's house and celebrated Father's Day with my parents and the Yarro family. There was a great spread of food, Emerson had his first swimming experience and again, lots of fun!

The weather was beautiful, it was a great day and to those wonderful men in my life...Oh how I love you!

Monday, June 9, 2008

It's a GTU kind of day!

This entry is a little late but I thought it was blog worthy!
Last week my brother-in-law, Matt Yarro, appeared on Good Things Utah to promote his Internet safety tool. He has been working on this device for the last 2 years so we were looking forward to him getting the exposure that he did. He did an amazing job and we are really proud of him for his noteworthy cause. 
I was surprised at how different the set looks in person than it does on TV! Ever since I became a stay at home mom, I have found that the sound of the TV being on in the background keeps me company while I do chores around the house and take care of Emerson. I am a fairly new viewer of this show but it actually never ceases to disappoint me with it's crappy craft ideas and recipe ideas that are full of nuts, onions and peppers! The ladies who host the show are just as difficult to endure! Nicea, however, was quite nice and interacted with the audience. Marti was fake. She flashed her cheesy and flood-ready pants then assumed her position at the center of the table. Reagan was a total beast and I wanted to spit on her from the audience but unfortunately the super artificially tan producer Mike Mckay sat behind us! Reagan had her back to us the whole time and even during commercial breaks she refused to talk or even look at the audience. She's a snob! After the show was done airing, us ladies of course had to make it into an all day outing by recovering with a free lunch at Costa Vida (courtesy of GTU) and then a full day of shopping! It is always fun to have a girl's day out! (this entry may sound a little cynical, but if you know me well, it's all in good fun!)

The real VIP's are ready to be escorted in now!

Light's, camera, very little action!

Way to go Matt! Lookin' good but what is the guest host doing?

Love that smile Marti Skold!'re a lame-o.

Maybe you didn't know that Doug Heffernan and I are quite close!

My sister, mother and I think we should be on TV instead!