Thursday, July 16, 2009

Your Trash, My Treasure

This economy is a tough one and if there is any way to save money and spend less, here is the way to do it: Estate Sales! You can spend very little money and find great treasures and keepsakes with just a little hunting and driving around. I do prefer estate sales to garage sales because estate sales are held in a state of emergency typically due to a family member passing or being placed in assisted living, so the family is eager to sell what they can in a short time to help pay for funeral expenses or housing and they are willing to make a deal. Also, the items at an estate sale are usually in perfectly good condition and were well taken care of since they were used and loved until the day the person had to leave them.

Here are a few samples of what I have been able to find in my scouring through the belongings of the deceased:
This great candy dish which purpose serves as my soap holder in my bathroom. Sold to me for $2.00

These Wiss all steel pinking shears usually sell for around $50 in the store.  The sellers "cut" me a deal and sold them for $3.00!

I am so excited to use this great thermos this winter for our sledding, snowboarding, snowman building adventures! .25 cents! A nice cool price to keep us warm this winter!

I found this great hard bound book that is called "The Book of Flowers". There hundreds of pictures of hand painted flowers in it and I love the embossed flower on the cover. And when I don't have a grabby toddler that enjoys ripping things, It will be a perfect coffee table book for only $2.00!

This amazing serving tray is one of my favorite finds! It is larger than it looks (about 16" diameter and 8" tall) and each petal can be removed for easy cleaning. Another great feature: it spins smoother than a record on a turn table! Turned my head for only $2.00!

Another fave! These trays come in really handy when you have a toddler! E loves that his ketchup/ranch dressing has it's own home! Cool vintage trays - $2.00. Keeping your food from touching - priceless! 

Is it weird that if we ever get around to doing family pictures, that I want a shoot with just this itself? That is how amazing I think it is! I can't stop admiring it and will use it as my new carry on. Makeup, magazines and underwear are styling for only $2.00!

This may be the greatest find of the summer! I know the mid century modern thing isn't for everyone and I am glad. Leave it for me! I saw this chair and just about died! It is an Eames replica. It is made by Plycraft and is called a Mr. Chair. They are worth way more money than I would ever be willing to pay. However, the family selling this had no idea the value of it or that it is a collection piece and sold me the "hippy chair" (as they called it!) for only $30.00! I found it here for much, much, much more! P.S. This chair was around long before stinky hippys!

Lastly, this great hutch was owned by a lady who my mother in law took care of for quite some time. She passed away and my MIL was in charge of selling her things. We got this for free! Who can beat $ I drilled holes in it and added some cute knobs from Anthropologie and now it holds all our kitchen appliances and our hearts! 

 Although I tend to migrate to the vintage items in a house and Wes goes straight to the tools, you can find a lot of new items and furniture pieces, as well. 

Tips for estate sale shopping:
-Check your local newspaper or their website under the classified section. (If you are local, lists them in the classifieds under "Announcements"). Craigslist is another good way to find them.
-Go early! Some sales start as early as 7:00 a.m.! The early bird gets the worm!
-Take cash (1's, 5's and 20's) not check or debit. Also, the seller probably won't be able to break large bills.
-Always carry hand sanitizer and wet wipes with you! You can clean an item off to see it's potential and then clean yourself off! 
-Don't be afraid to wheel and deal! But, be nice and be polite! People are more willing to see things go to a loving home with nice, respectful  people!
-Make a list of things you are looking for (i.e. table linens, sewing supplies, flower vases, books) because it can be very overwhelming at times and cause a bit of anxiety!  Having a list can keep you calm and help keep yourself focused with your eye on the prize!

Monday, July 13, 2009

You're In My Seat

Next Monday I am leaving for nearly 2 weeks to go to Montana and Wyoming. While there, I will get a chance to spend a lot of time with 2 incredible people that I miss dearly: My grandparents! I don't get to see them very often and when I do, my time is often shared with a lot of other family members that are visiting as well. This visit will be different and I can't be more ready to go! My head is already there!


When I was just a little older than Emerson, my grandfather made this wooden chair for me. By hand! I remember thinking that I was pretty special since I got my very own chair! As the youngest child, I was often forced to give up my seat or told to move somewhere else so that an older and more dominating family member (you know who you are!) could have it. So, getting this handmade present was a dream come true! Over the years, my little buns grew too big for the seat and my legs too long, and it soon became only a stepping stool for home repair projects and was stored in the garage for further grunt work. I brought it home from my parents house the other day and with a little TLC, I brought it back to life!



I found an image of Peter Rabbit online and decoupaged it to the seat of the chair. My grandfather use to - not TELL us this story - but SING us this story with his loud, deep voice and I thought it was the greatest thing a child could possibly hear! I couldn't help but work on this chair and wonder if he ever imagined that one day my child's little buns would be sitting on it and loving it as much as I did!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Free Concerts Rule!

You know summer is officially here when the Gallivan Center starts the free Twilight Concert Series. Last night was particularly in our favor since the 2 bands performing were in Wes and my top 5 faves! Jenny Lewis was the opening act. I have loved her for years, even before her solo career when she was part of the ever so awesome, Rilo Kiley. She did not disappoint! Next up on stage was Bon Iver (pronounced "Bone Eh-Vehr"). Wes has waited quite some time to see this band live. Music from these guys are played almost 24/7 at our house. We heart them so very much! 

I was an idiot and forgot my camera so we had to use the cell phone to take pictures. Blah. I was so mad at myself! The pictures are horrible! 
The place was packed. I would say that out of the 5,000+ people there, only about 500 of them were there to actually see the bands. The rest were there to get in my way, stink up the place with their free flowing farts and act like drunken idiots. The Gallivan Center is waaay to small for these events and the unappreciative party-ers should leave it alone and just make their way to Evanston, WY

That's why I was so excited when our friends handed us VIP passes into the gated area! Alas we were free from the mayhem and stench! We had a great view, all the free beverages we desired and we were able to bask in the delightful sounds of Justin Vernon in peace...just like it should be!

This was the first date Wes and I had been on in a very long time! It was so good to get out without Mr. Little Jeans and enjoy our night out on the town! If the picture was taken full bodied, you would be able to see that we were standing on a cloud with the number 9 neatly pinned to it! 

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Out for a Drive

Yesterday was one of the few days Wes and I had free in several weeks. A definite "poppy" moment in life! We decided to take a drive to some of the small towns that surround us and check out what they had to offer as far as Tuesday entertainment. We had a hard time deciding to go north or to head east. East won. (Sorry, but west wasn't even an option! Have you been out west of SLC?! No thank you!)

We first started in the tiny town of Peoa. I knew that some of my relatives were buried there and quite honestly, I thought Peoa was somewhere by Manti or Price. It just so happens that the cemetery is right off the main road and I could see a large monument with my ancestors names on it.  After taking this picture and thinking I was pretty lucky to find it among the others, I noticed about 20 other headstones all with the Marchant name on it.  I guess I pretty much own this town.

Next stop: Oakley! I love this place! If I were to buy a vacation home in Utah, it would be here! This may just be the coolest small town next to Cowley, Wyoming. We stopped at the Road Island Grill. It is an old trolley car from, well, Road Island. It has been turned into a restaurant that keeps the 50's vibe alive! 


They even had real jukeboxes at the table! After dropping a quarter in the slot and selecting B5, we could hear the Beach Boys sing "Wouldn't it be Nice"!


They even have homemade/handmade milkshakes - my number 1 favorite food of all time! Made with REAL ice cream, not that soft serve crap poured from a spout on a machine! 


We hit the towns of Marion, Kamas, Francis, Woodland and then ended up in Heber and Midway.  It was a great day for a drive!
We took Guardsman's Pass home. Look at this incredible view! 


What is it about seeing a steep drop off and wanting to chuck a rock into it? We couldn't resist the urge! F.Y.I. I am a terrible aim.


I love this man! He likes to do the same things I do. 


Little E wanted to drive us back home and honk the horn the whole way. Whoa happy buddy! Let's wait about 14 more years! 

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Embellish Away!

It came! I am so excited about my newest purchase: "Embellishing - Techniques and Projects" by Kayte Terry. Kayte worked as a Visual Manager in the New York Anthropologie for 5 years and it is made evident in this book. The DIY crafts and fashions are simple, inexpensive and of course, darling! This book has now made me a long list of craft projects to keep me busy during those triple digit temperature days of July! More pictures to come of what I conjured up! Wish me luck!