Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Yep, just like the title says, we are expecting our second child! We had planned on keeping it a secret until we were further along and in the "safe zone", but this pregnancy is pretty much a copy cat of the first one which means, I am sick, sick sick! Hiding it has been nearly impossible as I am not able to attend any functions, meetings or keep up on any of my responsibilities! So rather than everyone thinking I am a slacker, an inactive member of our church or a bad mother, we decided to just let you all know and save everyone the hassle of guessing! I am lucky enough to have a loving husband that has been more than helpful and has been catering to my every need and to also have so many of our family members close enough to watch Emerson and giving me the peace of mind that he is being loved and well cared for! I know that I am in good hands! So until, this trimester is over and things are on the mend, you will probably not be seeing or hearing much from me. Dang, I had so may good posts I wanted to do!