Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mrs. Roboto

I have absolutley no events or activities to write about this week. I have been bored out of my mind! Have you ever had the feeling that you are just about to explode! Your fists are clenched and there is passion inside of you that just needs to be released or else you are going to scream at the top of your lungs? That all you potential is slipping away and it scares you to tears? That your mundane and routine life makes you feel like a robot? Well that is me this week. For the past 2 weeks Wes has been working and going to school every minute of the day and my co-dependant self misses playing with my hubby. What can I say, I have the most fun with him! And the freaking this Satan's doing?! And as many of you know, I am a lover of creativity, art and design. Due to the remodeling of our house for the past year, I have NOWHERE to unpack my crafty supplies and entertain myself. It is driving me insane and I am eagerly looking forward to our house being furnished and finished! If it wasn't for Emerson to keep my laughing, I would have gone completley insane by now. Pity party for me! Here are some things that I have been living vicariously through and that have kept me inspired and sane this week...enjoy:,,,,,,,

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring Forward...Maybe?

The weather WAS absolutely gorgeous....what the #$%& happened? We took advantage of the sun's short stay and had a play date at Liberty Park with Colett and her kids and Stephanie and her kids. We went to the Tracy Aviary and checked out all the crazy birds and the kids even got to feed the pelicans some fish! We had a great time playing all day and soaking up the rays. On Sunday, we did a family BBQ at my parents house and then went for a walk to make room in our very full bellies for my mom's peach cobbler. It was great to feel the warm sun on our faces and then look up at the snow capped mountains. If only it had stayed up there! Emerson loves to be outdoors! I think he had cabin fever just as bad as I did! He was born in the fall and being the nervous first time parents that we are, we rarely took him out this winter because we were so afraid of RSV, earaches, influenza and colic. We managed to go the whole winter without even a hint of a runny nose! Well, he just turned 7 months on April 6th and we love watching him be amazed at the ducks that come and visit our yard once a day, playing in the shade on a blanket under a tree just about to leaf out and strolling through the hood visiting with neighbors and friends. Spring really is upon us, it's just playing a very cruel joke right now and it's the only one laughing.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

We Heart W.T.

I really feel sorry for our neighbors. We bought our house exactly 1 year ago and have had it under repairs ever since. Wes gutted the entire thing and started the remodel from scratch. Our yard is used as a holding ground for building supplies, tools, paint and debris at most times and it can truely be an eye sore. I have never been a fan of the split level design of a house but Wes knew the woman who was selling our home and we got a SCREAMING deal on it. We knew it would be a good investment and we needed something fast since our baby was on the way! Wes has been a true hero by fixing it up and making our house a "home" for our little family. We have a long way to go but know that one day all his hard work will pay off. I get the fun part of decorating it and making it pretty on the inside!