Monday, May 24, 2010


Hey, Mother Nature! Thanks a lot for being so lame today! Do we really need to remind you that June is next week? 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Each Day

So, I have this philosophy. It's not one that I heard from a spiritual guru or self help book. I didn't get my palm read or climbed a mountain top to get the inspiration. It's simply a little something I do each day. My philosophy is that each day, something of significance should happen in my life. It doesn't have to be big or elaborate, it just has to set that day apart from all the rest. And, since I have become really bad at this whole blogging thing lately, I thought I would play a little catch up on the significant days of May!

May 3rd: Dinner with the family at Mimi's Cafe. My cousin Ron (on the left in stripes) was in town from Germany! So great to see and meet everyone and visit! 

May 4th: My big-getting-little sister had a B-Day! She is my "bestie" and we talked on the phone for over an hour. Horray for Birthdays! This was also the night of my book club! I heart all the women I get to meet with once a month for this! 

May 5th: The VIP Party and opening night of the Beehive Bazaar. Hanging with fellow crafters and DIY club members. I spent my whole paycheck that night!

May 6th: Attended the open house for the amazing and talented Katherine Wallin. She also presented me with the custom made cuff that I had requested. Isn't it beautiful? 

May 7th: I was a guest blogger on U Create and it caused me to have insomnia for 3 days straight. THOUSANDS of people looking at something I made? You have got to be kidding? Talk about a nervous stomach!

May 8th: Wes and I left E. with the parentals and hit the links. It was a pre-celebration of my birthday. 9 holes of golf and a little retail therapy makes a good day! P.S. My husband is amazing!

May 9th: It is my birthday! It is also Mother's day. It is also 5 days after Colett's B Day. (now do you see why we celebrated a day early?) The family just celebrated it all together and ate a great deal of tasty food and exchanged gifts. My mom made me molten lava cakes! Yuuuummmm! It was fun to not only be with my mom and sis on my special day, but to be with my whole fam and celebrate motherhood!

May 10th: I took the very last bite of the GIANT Reese's Peanut Butter Cup my sister in law had made for me! It was delicious and sent from heaven! If you are my Facebook friend, you may just remember a status update from me saying that I wish I had one the size of my face! My wish was granted! Thanks a million Haley! It really did taste just like a Reese's!

May 11th: Our new driveway is getting underway! How nice it will be to have the extra parking space! The weather is not cooperating, however! Why is it so cold and rainy in May? Boo.

May 12th: Worked in the yard for the first time this year. I love dirt under my nails and the smell of fresh cut grass! Man, there is still so much to do!

May 13th: I may have made an appearance on the worst TV show ever. The store I work for was featured on the style segment of the show and I wore an outfit from there to help advertise. I think I was the only one with real boobies on the whole set that day! 

May 14th: BBQ at our friend Merilee's house. It was suppose to be outside, but again with the rain. Ugh!

May 15th: The driveway is complete! I was lame and forgot to carve our names in it! Mr. Little Jeans now has a new place to ride his trike!

May 16th: Went to my parents house for dinner. The rhubarb is finally ready to eat! I planted it in their yard years ago hoping that one day I would be able to transplant it into a garden of my own. I think this may just be the year!

May 17th: Made some nifty biking bloomers that I have yet to take off my body. They make perfect PJ's and I can now wear shorter skirts and still be covered up!

May 18th: Just had a detective come to the door, flash me his badge and hand me his card. He is looking for the guys who did our driveway! Oh crap.