Sunday, April 17, 2011

More Moab, Please!

This weekend, we packed up our Subaru and headed southeast for a little red dirt action! We have been checking the weather forecast for several weeks and patiently waited for a perfect time to go between Wes' shifts, only having to reschedule on several occasions. We were a little nervous that we wouldn't be able to go yet again when Emerson came down with a bad fever and cough on Wednesday. I figured if he could be sick at home, he could be sick in Moab, just the same! Maybe breathing in a little fresh, warm air for a change would do him some good! I cannot even tell you in words how good this trip felt - it did me some good! It was medicine for my soul! We had such a great time and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! We even.....wait for it......WORE SHORTS! Let's not talk about how ridiculous my white legs looked in them.  Wes kept his sunglasses on for safety! 

Our first stop was Arches Nat'l Park. This place is faaaaaar better than Canyonlands! If you have a family with small children and are thinking about hitting Canyonlands Nat'l Park....think again! It is so much freaking driving on windy (not windy as in blowing, but windy as in curvy!) roads, you can't see very much from the car and there aren't really any short, kid friendly hikes. Booooo!

When I told Emerson that we were going to a place that had lots of red dirt he said, "Dirt!? Can I bring my diggers and dump trucks?" Of course you can, little man! Knock yourself out! 

 Little E perched on Wes' shoulders next to Balance Rock.

We had to take the small hike to see the famous Delicate Arch instead of the longer one that takes you right to it. Touring this park with a toddler is so much different than it was 10 years ago! 

 We put our physical endurance to the test and ran up this steep sand hill. Have you ever tried this!? It will kick your trash! I was so tired and out of breath! I want to do it again! 

Running/jumping down it is way more fun!

We didn't realize when we booked our hotel room (it's still a little too chilly for camping!) that this past weekend was the beginning of the annual Jeep Safari. We went to see some rock crawlers attempt Potato Salad. So scary! This event draws over 4,000 people each year! 

We also didn't realize that our son was an avid climber! He loved all the rocks, hikes and sand to play in. This place is paradise for little boys! Don't worry...Wes was right by his side but stepped out of the way so I could get the picture. We are not bad parents, I promise! 

It is also paradise for big boys! 

We loved exploring and finding our own adventures!

How lucky we are to live in Utah and have such a great place, that is so close, that we can just run off to on a moments notice! It was a perfect little get away!