Friday, April 30, 2010


Do you want your comfort zone to be put to the test? Do you want to feel daring and original? Today I posted a giveaway on H is for Handmade for a "non-book" that will open the doors to your creative side and will prompt you to think (and do) outside of the box! It's full of hilarious and challenging social/moral exercises and assignments. Enter the drawing and I will put forth all my wishes and desires that you will win! 
(there are rules at the bottom of the page of the giveaway. I know some of you who read this don't have an active blog so please ignore that rule and just enter anyway, because I think you're cool!)


For a peek into the mind of the author, Keri Smith, here is a post she did on her blog. I think it's refreshing! Also, I apologize for the swear word in #8!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This morning Wes went to run a few errands to get the yard going. When he returned, he came into the house and said, "I got you a present!" I immediately thought to myself, "he must have gotten me some flowers or plants for the yard!" I was wrong. He got me the bike I have been dreaming of and asking for, for the past 4 years! Needless to say, I was quite excited!!
O-OH-H Wes!...It's a Schwinn! A Super Sport to be exact!

Bright red and looking fabulous in her 1970's glory! 

She needs a little TLC. Yes, it is a she. 

Schwinn approved, Amy approved!
I can't wait to get this baby fixed up and ride it around town on our dates! Attention Farmer's Market, Gallivan Center concerts, Lamb's Grill: Here I come! 
Thank you Wes! This is quite possibly the best gift you have ever bought me and it was so sweet of you to get it for me! And, it's not even my birthday....yet! What a good man I have!

If you want to check out a really funny and cool site for Schwinn bikes, go here!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Date With E.

On Monday I decided to take my little guy out on a date! It's been awhile since I just put all my needs, chores and schedules aside and just took a day and dedicated it to my little guy! I don't know about the other mother's out there, but to me, parenting a 2 yr. old is A LOT of work and there have been days when I have really wondered when the "rewarding" part of parenthood was going to kick in. Tears were more frequent than smiles (for the both of us!), time out's and tantrums prevailed and I thought the sound of him saying "no" to me one more time may just be the death of me. I read on someone's blog awhile back that, "To a child, love is spelled T-I-M-E". I figured that was just the medicine he needed - a whole day of my undivided attention! Time with E was actually just what I needed, too! We had a jam packed Emerson-Day and a lot of pictures to prove it!

Our first stop: The Aqaurium
Charting our adventure! 

Penguins were amazing, but not the highlight!

These were!!

And these, too! I could have stayed in that room for hours!

He found Nemo!

So many amazing things to see...and touch! 

Our next stop: The public library for story time

Picking out just the right one. A book about bulldozer's, of course!

Third stop: The park
We live just a few blocks from the Jordan Valley School (school for special needs children) so we like to use their playground! It's incredibly clean, uncrowded and has amazing equipment!

Including these swings, which is basically a Lay Z Boy on chains! It is his favorite!

Fourth stop: Baskin Robbins
He gets a head freeze really easily so we have to take small bites and eat the ice cream very slowly!

And lastly: Curling up together and watching Little Einstein's before going to bed!

I love you little guy and I am so glad that we got to spend the day together. You are my little hero, my hope for tomorrow and my strength for today! Thank you for coming into my life!