Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Never and Always

My sister did a fun blog post and of course tagged all who read it. I'm usually not a big fan of the tagging posts but I though this one was cool. You can check out my sister's answers here and read below for mine!

I will never and I will always....

1. I will never...stop complimenting strangers
2. I will never...have a desire for a big home or fancy car or covet those who do
3. I will never...be satisfied with my wardrobe
4. I will never...be able to travel back in time and correct my mistakes
5. I will never...forget the butterflies I felt when I first met Wes

1. I will always...have a great desire for learning and trying new things
2. I will always...be nostalgic
3. I will always...encourage confidence in my children so they can stand up and stand out
4. I will always...believe that mean or rude people shouldn't get away with being that way
5. I will always...love daydreaming

P.S. You are only tagged if you want to be!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meaning Of The Name

I know I have stated it before but because I still have people ask, "What does the name Poppies and Paper Cuts mean?", here is a post to describe it in more detail and help you "get the picture". 

Paper Cut moment in life: Whenever I have to beg, plead and bargain with my son to sit on the toilet, this is what I have to deal with. Every time.

A Poppy moment in life: Strolling the isles at Target and not only finding the amazing Liberty of London dress I wanted, but these Oreo cookies to go with it. When I saw yellow puffy stuff all over my kitchen floor, I worried that it was play dough. When I discovered it was the icing, I ate it!

Paper Cut moment in life: A full 15 ounces of baby powder dumped on every square inch of Emerson's bedroom. Just take a minute to think about how much 15 ounces is.

A Poppy moment in life: Finally getting an area rug for the living room and LOVING it! Stripes - be still my beating heart!

A Paper Cut moment in life: That we are averaging a bitter snowfall every 4 days. Dining al fresco on the ol' deck seems to be a pipe dream at this point. I have no idea how to even dress myself this time of year.

A Poppy moment in life: March is almost out of here! Yippee! I have a really hard time with this month. I just can't wait for it to be over and for Spring to get here. Bring on the flowers, long walks in the neighborhood and sun kissed cheeks! 

A Paper Cut moment in life: Wes eating ALL the Girl Scout cookies but closing the boxes back up and leaving them on the counter. I went to open them up to get a tasty snack only to discover a tray of crumbs. And I was P.M.S.ing so I may have even cried about it.

A Poppy moment in life: Finally remembering to get the yarrow I collected from my parents yard last year and left hanging in their garage to dry. The color is gorgeous and it brings so much happiness to our living room! 

Last but not least, here is a Poppy and Paper Cut moment all in one: R.I.P. to the high chair. Little E loved it so much but he looked so silly in it with his legs hanging half way to the floor! I am glad that we get to sit with him at the dinner table now and I get another corner of the house to decorate, but I am sad that my little baby is growing up way too fast and is wanting to do big boy stuff now....except for using the toilet!

So there you have it. Life undoubtedly hands us fields of beautiful poppies and the pains of paper cuts. What matters most is how we deal, appreciate and learn from them in the end - thus the story of my life and purpose of this blog!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Art, Food, Fun. What more could I ask for?

Art. Oh, how I love it and want my house filled with it! On Tuesday night I had the opportunity to attend an art showing and appearance by one of my very favorite artists, Brian Kershisnik with my friends Natalie, Sandi and my sister Colett. The event was held at Communal down in Provo, so along with being surrounded by amazing artwork, we were also served a 4 course meal! My taste buds were in a bit of a shock from eating delicious and fresh foods and not jarred pasta sauce and chicken strips. It was such a fun evening and I am so glad I got the chance to get a little "cultured up" and spend an evening with some amazing women while basking in the glory of some creative souls!
100 N. University Ave.
Provo, UT

Some of Brian Kershisnik's smaller pieces

Tehehe! Colett trying to portray the lady in the painting!

Hahaha! Sandi trying to do her part by portraying this painting!
(I promise we tried to keep it serious and maintain a level of decency!)

One of my faves! 

Me just taking in the overall splendor of the evening!

The menu. I am so glad that nothing was too crazy. I actually loved everything I put into my mouth last night even though I had no idea what it was!

All the courses. So fancy and so pretty!

The lovely ladies who accompanied me
Natalie, Me, Colett and Sandi.
(Sandi doesn't have a blog but we're working on it!)

Thanks ladies for a great night out! I can't wait to do it again! Anyone want to come with us next time?
P.S. My sister's art also hangs on the walls of this great restaurant. Isn't she so cool?