Friday, June 24, 2011

Good Times

Maybe demanding a little attention from the Lord above isn't such a bad thing. Apparently I got his attention and thankfully my efforts were not in vain! Thanks for the hand up big guy - you're truly the best! 

Summer has officially started and we have squeezed some seriously good times into the last few days. I saw a blog post awhile back where the family made a summer checklist and I thought it was such a great idea that we made one for our little family, too. There are a lot of lofty goals (canoe the Jordan River? I don't know, Wes!) on the list but we are not the kind of family to take summer lightly. I trust that we will get most of it done! Most.
(just added to the list: 5K MUD RUN!) 

We kicked off the list by attending the Chalk Art Festival held at the Gateway this past weekend. Wes was working so Mr. Little Jeans and I headed out to see the talent scribbled across the streets! 

There were so many great drawings, done by all ages and all levels of expertise! 

 It drew in thousands of people and there also was live music and games for the kids. It was fun to see so much activity! We like to be a part of the happenings and the hustle and bustle of downtown SLC!

 I love Norman Rockwell so this was my very favorite! Not only do I love the original image, but the chalk artist did a very good job recreating it on the street!

This drawing of the Monster's Inc. movie was done by a young artist and it was Emerson's favorite! He wanted a picture by it even though the ground was hot and burning his hands! 


April (Thorup) Oaks said...

It's fun to get a peek at the festival through your eyes. I love your summer list. I have several similar things on my list and I'm adding some others after seeing yours. Today we got back from various places past Tooele. We saw a couple super old cemetaries and a ghost town. Fun.

Joan said...

We haven't been to this event yet. After seeing your pictures, I am thoroughly impressed and will plan on it for next year.